Oil pulling day one

I finally decided to try oil pulling. I used fractionated oil, just a fancy name for liquid. I thought 20 minutes was going to be torture. To my surprise it passed very quickly. I also worried about my cheeks and jaw getting tired or sore. I was happy to discover that I was wrong there also. For the first 15 minutes it stayed liquid. After that it began to become thicker with each pull. After the full 20 minutes it was pretty thick and I got to spit it out. Curious, I spat into a clear glass. It just looked white and thick. I couldn’t wait to brush my teeth! I will see what happens tomorrow. I am going to use solid.

Going back to work

I am going back to the doctor today and getting a work release to return my job after almost 2 months of recovery.   I am pretty stinking excited.  I sure do miss my paychecks.  I truly enjoy LOVE payday.   I hope all goes well at my appt!!!!!  Keep your fingers crossed.  I know it has been hard on my hubs with just one income.  We are definitely a 2 income family!  I better get my work clothes laid out.  It will be good to get back into a routine again.

Got My Moo Cards Today!!

Yippee, got my first set of Moo Cards, they are so pretty and now I won’t have to ever scratch my digits on a bar napkin again.  I got a great free, yes free, offer from Moolala!!